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Our web site was established to assist in the research of the Judges and Griffin surnames as well as the many surnames that are associated with them. We house information related to these families as well as associated documents and photos. While we also maintain Trees on some of the genealogical research sites (MyHeritage and Ancestry) for research, our site here is the primary location for all of the information that we have collected or received via communication with my relatives.

Although we're working constantly at checking and recording sources, it's only as good as the information gathered from government records, church records, relatives, and online sources.

If you find errors, have feedback, or can offer additional information, please forward it for inclusion in the project.


The Genealogy of the Judges and Griffin Surnames

main imageIn the many years that we have had this site, we have been fortunate to connect with many new relatives and we are always excited when someone reaches out to share information, documents or photos. In the records, you will note there are numerous other surnames. These are easily found in Ancestor/Descendant charts based on our grandparents history but represent only a fraction of over 20,000 or so individuals we have information for.

You can use our "Find" Database menu for our complete Surnames list, if you are looking for a particular relative not shown in the default ancestry charts.

Our discoveries have taken us on many journey's through time, places and people's lives, and research has uncovered direct Family links to a plethora of well known people. The Griffin's are related to the JCB founder, the Butlins holiday camp, Deborah Meaden, Charles Vyse the famous studio potter and William Vyse canon-residentiary of Lichfield Cathedral.

Within our pages there are numerous delightful stories of family history and many more family secrets. DNA sources have revealed a number of family members who I would never have been discovered without this modern tool. My family records now has very close relations who I never knew about or had heard of but I have now met many and will in time be meeting more in person rather than Virtual meetings.

The above photo shows Kenneth Judges, Nina Fisher and elder brother Thomas Judges. Whilst I never met Thomas, my father's eldest brother, through long searches over many years and investigations ploughing along mountains of records, confirmations via many DNA matches, have finally revealed far more details regarding Thomas's life. Although he died in tragic circumstances at an early age, he lived a fanciful 31 years, which would make a long interesting documentary that many would find hard to believe.

We have a lot more of these breakthroughs logged on our site, so they are just waiting for you to find them. All can found easily using the buttons at the top of this page "Find", "Media" or "Info" or just use the link from the "Our Stories" button on the left.

I am certain, there are surprises for you all. Enjoy.



Your Ancestors Stories

Read about the secret family members only discovered by modern DNA tests. Look through the life history of your own family going back to the 1700's and earlier to find your 5 x grandparents.


Our Families

Our Ancestors Were Adventurers
Kettleborough Family
Fanny Amelia Kettleborough

Fanny Amelia Kettleborough

Fanny Amelia (1898-1989) with Herbert Davey

Married John Thomas Long (1883-1968) - They had four children and lived in Lincolnshire, UK.

Candler Family
Stephen Candler

Stephen Candler

Stephen Candler (1845-1928)

Married Louisa Roe (1845-1938) A true gentleman who had a large family with Louisa. All their descendants records are recorded within our site.

Griffin Family in Yeovil
Bernard Griffin

Bernard Griffin


Bernard (1906-1992) and Margaret (1911-1999) Griffin Originally from the Midlands but moved to Yeovil in Somerset

Cooke Family
Herbert Cooke

Herbert Cooke

Herbert Cooke

Both named Herbert Cooke, Father (1885-1949) and Son (1908-1949)

Thomas Judgesbottom image

Thomas Judges (1907-1940) Thomas was my father's brother and Thomas was rarely spoken about. Following my father's death in 2013, I started researching into Thomas and discovered his secret family and other relationships. It is difficult to believe all the facts and stories I found out about him, however, DNA and official records all confirm the information retrieved. His life story is a fascinating read and would make a fantastic film or very interesting documentary.


Our Favorite Genealogy Quotes

We Hope You Enjoy Them

Sir Joseph Cyril Bamfordbottom image

He is Mr JCB the well known heavy machinery founder and the uncle of Ruth Judges (b.Griffin) an administrator of this site. Ruth's father Bernard Griffin helped build the early machines at the start of the JCB empire, after Joseph married his sister Marjorie Griffin. The company is still run by the Bamford family under the directorship of Lord Anthony Bamford, Ruth's first cousin.


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